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Hello there! The city of Cincinnati has seen a large increase in the number of bedbug infestations during the past few years. The unfortunate truth is that bedbugs are back with a vengeance and they will not leave your home without a little bit of help from us. Don’t freak out just yet! We are the most skilled bed bug exterminator in Cincinnati and we know how to help you solve this problem in the blink of an eye. We absolutely love Cincinnati and the local residents. Therefore, we feel obligated to provide these individuals with the results they desire and the most pleasurable experience possible.

When you work with us, we’ll see to it that you receive both! Before giving us a call, be sure to learn more about our services below.

Make Sure You Need Us

We sincerely understand that the media has created a great deal of hysteria with their recent stories focusing on bedbug infestations. Before you give us a call and ask about our bed bug heat treatment services in Cincinnati, you should first make sure that your home is actually infested. If you’re lucky, you may discover that you’re simply paranoid. First, you should figure out precisely what to look for. As the name suggests, bedbugs will primarily target the bedroom. Venture to your bedroom and inspect the sheets and bed linen.

Check for bloodstains and feces. If you spot nothing out of the ordinary, you should lift your shirt and give your body a careful examination. Do you notice unusual bite marks? If you are able to confirm the presence of bedbugs in your home, it is time to take action. Give us a call and we’ll tell you about our bed bug removal service in Cincinnati.

Our Top Solution

While it is possible to kill bedbugs with various products and techniques, some are better than others. We have come to learn this from experience. We have also come to the realization that heat is the most effective bed bug treatment available to Cincinnati residents. We want all consumers to realize that the heat treatment is the best solution for everyone involved. While it is slightly more convenient for us, it is much safer for everyone. Pesticides contain chemicals, which can be immensely dangerous. If you’re exposed to these chemicals, you may get ill.

This is why we prefer heat. Heat is just that. It is all about heating up your home’s temperature to an undesirable level for the bedbug. With this treatment, you can rest assured knowing no harmful chemicals are needed.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We understand that the bed bugs in Cincinnati can be immensely annoying and a little bit frightening. We also recognize that these pests can be very stubborn. They will do their best to remain inside of your home. They’ll hide in the smallest crevices and this may make them difficult to remove. While we will always do everything within our power to get the job done correctly on the first try, we’re not afraid to admit that we’re imperfect. To fix the problems that may occur, we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Our bedbug technician will not leave your home, until the problem is completely solved. We’ll remain near your home, until you give us the thumbs up.

We Are A Local Extermination Company

Many consumers will make the mistake of hiring a contractor, with an out of state physical address. While it may not seem like a big deal, it can truly turn out to be a major disaster. The Internet is a wealth of information, providing users with information about companies that are based all other the world. This is an advantage for companies, because it provides them with the opportunity to reach a broader audience. However, it will be in your best interest to hire a local company, based in the same state or city you live in.

We are a bed bug extermination company based out of Cincinnati. We serve the community, providing a wide range of extermination services. We put each technician through a series of training courses, so they are prepared to go into the customer’s home. Veteran technicians will also accompany the technician into the home until they feel comfortable enough to perform all the necessary processes proficiently.

We Never Offer Estimates Over The Phone

You would be surprised with the number of people that contact us on a daily basis, requesting an over the phone estimate or quote. We never offer an estimate over the phone, because these are not accurate or reliable. Instead, we send one of our skilled technicians out to your home to complete an extensive inspection. The technician will thoroughly inspect the entire home, even the basement, attic and exterior premises.

If you would like to test our services, you are more than welcome to take advantage of our free in-home estimate. Our customer service team will schedule you for an appointment at the earliest convenience. We also offer same-day services for emergencies, but please note that this type of service is a little more expensive than the traditional method. When we hand you a written bid or contract, you can count on it being accurate. This is why we rely on the inspection to help us devise a treatment plan that will eradicate the bedbug infestation efficiently.

Why You Need Us

Cincinnati is home to a large number of exterminators. We’re simply a blimp on the radar. Nonetheless, we sincerely feel that we offer a better service and more reliable results than our competitors. We offer an array of benefits, which cannot be found anywhere else. Some of these will be explored in greater detail below.

  • We offer references and quotes. Our quotes are binding and therefore the prices cannot be increased in the future.
  • Our technicians are trained extensively. They’ll get the job done no matter how severe it is.
  • We’re locally based and the majority of our workers are from the Cincinnati area.
  • We know how to get rid of bedbugs better than anyone else. And, our service is safe and cost-effective.
  • We’re always just one phone call away.

Call Us!

If you are looking for a reputable Cincinnati exterminator, you should look no further than our company. Our skilled team is on standby, waiting to serve you and your family. We provide all customers with a copy of our business license and insurance per request.


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