Top Landmarks To Check Out In Cincinnati

With its bustling nightlife, friendly neighborhoods, and access to a rich history, it is no wonder more and more are flocking to Cincinnati every year. It doesn’t become a question of why you should visit the state. It becomes a question of why shouldn’t you and what should you see first when you are there? You won’t have time to check out everything. These are the landmarks that you’ll want to make sure you see before leaving.

The Taft Museum Of Art

Most people think that once you’ve seen one museum, you’ve seen them all. This might be true for some of the museums out there, but this is certainly not something that can be said about the Taft Museum. To start, it is completely different is! It’s not your average three-story museum packed with thousands of exhibits. It’s one of the finest small art museums in the world. It only holds the important and not just a bunch of stuff not worth seeing. It’s a National Landmark and built-in 1820. Some of the masters, you can check out while you are here are Whistler and Rembrandt. Be sure to stop by the souvenir shop and pick up something to remember your trip by.

Krohn Conservatory

Built-in 1933, right at the height of the Art Deco movement, you’ll see a lot of this design in the architecture. That being said, if you are an architecture buff, you know that’s never a bad thing. Combine this with the fact that the building houses over 3,500 species of plants and the entire family is in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What’s even more impressive with this Conservatory is, it changes with the seasons and times. You might visit during the fall, but your trip in the spring will be completely different. This is because the building changes throughout the year with special exhibits and programs. The ever-popular butterfly show is one that you certainly don’t want to miss. Thousands of butterflies are let free to fly throughout the Conservatory showroom in a specially-themed garden.

Sawyer Point And Yeatman’s Cove

Want to spend your vacation honing your volleyball or tennis skills? There’s nothing wrong with that, but there is no better place to do so than at the Sawyer Point and Yeatman’s Cove. It’s a mile-long stretch of park that runs along Cincinnati’s beautiful riverfront right between the Smale Riverfront Park and the Berry International Friendship Park. With award-winning landscapes, access to a performance pavilion, 8 outdoor tennis courts, and 3 sand volleyball courts, you’ll have plenty of exciting activities to choose from. The park has also been known to host some of the world’s rarest outdoor performances and parks, so you might just be there at the right time. If so, your family will be in for a treat, unlike anything you’ve likely ever experienced before.

Mercantile Library

Who wants to spend a vacation reading? You will once you see what this magnificent building packed with 11 exciting floors has to offer. It doesn’t hurt that the library is located right downtown in the business district. A sight to see in of itself!