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Dealing With Bed Bugs

An actual bed bug infestation in a school is very rare, because these pests like to live near their food source. However, this doesn’t mean that bed bugs are rare in schools or that it shouldn’t be taken seriously. If bed bugs are brought in by one student, you would be surprised how many homes would be infested within a months time if no one caught on to the infestation. There are some occasions when bed bugs will stay in schools, but most of the time they just hitch rides from student to student. As a student, parent, or teacher it is very important that you understand everything you possibly can about bed bugs in Cincinnati schools.

When Might Bed Bugs Decide To Infest A School

As mentioned above there are certain situations when bed bugs might hunker down and decide to live in the school instead of hitching a ride from student to student. One of these situations might be with younger students. Some classes have naptime with younger students and if the bed bugs catch on to this they will come out and feed during naptime.

You are probably thinking, “I thought bed bugs in Cincinnati only can out during the night to feed.” This is what most people think, but this is a major misconception. In fact, bed bugs are very smart and adaptable. They will adjust their sleep habits and feeding habits around your schedule. For instance, if you work during the night and sleep during the daytime, then these critters will sleep during the night and feed on you during the day.

How To Respond To Bed Bugs In A School

If a teacher or staff member suspects that the school or a student is dealing with bed bugs there are several way to approach the matter. First, the school will probably want to work with a pest management company to have them come in and spray pesticides throughout the school. Most over the counter products aren’t effective, when it comes to dealing with bed bugs. The company can also install detection devices throughout the school, which will catch and kill bed bugs in the event they are reintroduced back into the building.

When you are dealing with bed bugs in a school there is one thing that you can count on for sure, and that is that someone brought them. This could be a student or maybe even a staff member. Once the school is made aware of the problem, they need to alert the students and their parents to the problem. Send newsletters home with students that gives detailed information about critters.

What Teachers and Nurses Need To Know About Bed Bugs Bites

It might be possible that a teacher or nurse can tell which student brought the bed bugs into the school by examining them for bed bug bites. However, teachers and nurses need to know that not everyone reacts the same to the bites. In fact, some people that are bitten do not even show symptoms, so this is not a 100% guaranteed method. Bed bugs bites can also resemble mosquito bits and other insect bites, so it might be hard to tell the difference.

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